At Krishna Nursing College, Vadodara we have huge spacious classrooms more than sufficient to maintain social distancing in Covid-19 pandemic, having full of air & ventilation, with safety measures like fire extinguisher, advance technology like LCD Projector, etc.


Nursing Foundation Lab:-

Our Krishna Nursing College have a well spacious 1560 Sq.ft area of fundamental nursing laboratory with all the facilities as per INC requirement such as demonstration beds with dummies (1 bed :6 practicing students). Fully equipped with adequate numbers of almirah. wash basin with running water supply, electric fitting, sufficient furniture like table, chairs, stools, patient lockers etc. Enough number of inventory articles i.e.10 -12 sets of  all items needed for the practice of nursing procedure by the students.

Community Health Nursing Laboratory:-

We have 1000 Sq.ft of area for community health nursing laboratory which is spacious enough to accommodate the 60 students at a time. Our laboratory have  all required articles needed for practicing nursing procedures in a community Set-up. It has exact look of that rural setting, with community maps, records put on display and almirah.

Nutrition Laboratory:-

Our nutrition lab. is spacious enough with 1560.54 Sq.ft area, equipped with all the required facilities for imparting basic knowledge of various methods of cooking for the healthy As well as for the sick. It includes work platforms, cooking cutlery, trays and plates, dietetic scales cooking utensils, microwave, rack, refrigerator, pressure cookers, mixie and cupboards for storage of food items. The foods items is purchased for the conduct of practical  classes ads and when required. We have sets of crockery and cutlery for preparation too.

OBG & Pediatric Laboratory:-

Our OBG and pediatric laboratories are combined in a area of 1199 Sq.ft.to impart basic knowledge of OBG and pediatric related procedures as per INC syllabus. We have desired number of equipments and articles such as embryonic development model, delivery demonstration mother body, fetus for demonstration with placenta and umbilical cord and lot more.

Pre- Clinical Science Lab:-

Our pre-clinical lab is commodious enough to conduct all the functions related to biochemistry, anatomy, and microbiology etc with an area of 1210 Sq.ft. we have various models related to anatomy such as human skeletons, skull, lungs, GI system, reproductive system male and female, urinary system, and lot more items to communicate with students.

Advance Nursing Skill Laboratory:-

Our advance nursing skill lab is reasonably advance in feeding of knowledge to the students. It has simulators used to teach, practice and learn advance skills e.g., administration of tube –feeding ,tracheotomy, gastrostomy etc. I/V injection, newborn resuscitation model, etc. it has an area of 1560 Sq.ft.which is capacious enough.

Computer Laboratory:-

We have voluminous computer lab with an area of 1608.65 Sq.ft. our lab has 60 computers for each students.

Audio Visual Aid Room:-

Our Audio visual aids room have adequate and needed devices used in classrooms to encourage teaching learning process and make it easier and interesting.

Krishna Nursing Library

About Us

Krishna Nursing Library is one of the most resourceful libraries with state of the art infrastructure and modern amenities. It is geared to meet the academic and research information needs of students and faculties of the institute. It provides a conducive environment for the budding intellectual minds by providing user-oriented services to obtain and evaluate scholarly information and knowledge. It is a unique learning resource center, which offers essential and specialized information resources and services to meet the growing information needs of students by

  • Developing User-based Resources
  • Organizing Information Resources
  • Providing Human and Technologically moderated access to information and
  • Facilitating users to identify, locate, obtain and evaluate information.


The library is unique in its aspect of automation to have a fully functional library management system using Barcode Technology. All house keeping functions of the library like circulation of books and book search are done using this technology. The library has a special terminal known as OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) for students through which book search is done and whether the books are on shelf or issued can also be known. Use of Barcode Technology for issue and return of books makes the task of circulation very rapid and hence students do not have to wait in long queues.

Library is committed to provide accurate, efficient, and fast user friendly services based on institute’s objectives while performing a continuous quality assurance to fulfill user’s need of students’ and academic community. The library also aims to provide seamless access to information to its faculties through its rich and relevant information resources to support their research, teaching and learning activities. The basic library functions can be categorized into four subsections:

  • Acquisition
  • Circulation
  • Periodicals
  • Reference Services

Apart from the routine services of lending books and reading material, library also provides services such as;

  • New Addition list- It includes displaying of newly acquired materials in the form of list so that students and teachers can know at a glance, if anything of their interest has come up.
  • Reprographic Services: The library provides photocopying services to students.
  • Multimedia Services: The library provides to browse internet and E- Resources for their interest.

Print Resources still continue to be primary learning resources for college students. Library has a specialized collection of resources taking into consideration the course contents and research needs of all the departments. Library employs a strong collection development policy to strengthen the library resources. The library takes special efforts in promoting the use of technological resources like E-Books and E-Journals among its students and faculties, so that they can keep abreast of the latest research trends and ongoing projects in their respective fields.

Library Rules

  1. For the information to all students close circuit camera is fitted in the library to monitor every event in the Librarian’s T.V.
  2. All the students should bring their I – Cards.
  3. Students should leave their bags outside the library.
  4. Books will not be reissued immediately after return and the same will be issued only after 48 hours of the return.
  5. At a time only three books will be issued to a student.
  6. After reading a book, it should be filed at the proper place according to the Call No / Subject wise in the respective racks.
  7. Reference books, Handbooks, Journals and Magazines will not be issued.
  8. Staff Members will be issued eight books at a time.
  9. For the Students Books shall be issued only for 10 days and, if a book is not returned within ten days, a fine of Rs 5/-will is charged per day from the 11th day onwards.
  10. Mobiles are not allowed in the library.
  11. Students should not collect the books on other student’s I-Card. If found doing so, strict actions shall be taken.
  12. Time for issuing books is 09:00am to 5:00pm on all working days.
  13. All the instructions regarding the library will be put on the notice board and no individual communication will be made in this regard.
  14. Food items are not allowed in the library.
  15. If a book is lost by anyone, he/she will have to pay the price of the book or purchase one and submit it to the library within 15 days of its last date of submission.
  16. Library properties should not be tampered.
  17. Students are not allowed to underline important lines in the book even by pencil.
  18. If the students are found tearing the pages of the book, their I–cards will be taken back and they shall not be issued books for the entire year.
  19. Students not maintaining peace and discipline of the library are liable to strict actions.
  20. During issuing of Books, Students should stand in Queue for better and speedy circulation work.

Library Timings

Library is kept open from 09.00am to 05.00pm on all working days. Students can request to open for extended hours.

Digital Library

An Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) is the key to a library’s collection as it allows users to find out about what books, journals, conference proceedings, reports, and other resources are available in either print or electronic format. Although OPACs are designed for all kinds of users, they are not always very easy to search. Many academic libraries in India are moving towards the automation of library functions. The University Grants Commission (UGC) in India, with the help of the Information and Library Network (INFLIBNET),

Digital Library can be browsed through the following link on the intranet. – For WebOpac



With a key focus on developing a self-sustained residential campus, Hostel facility is provided with separate accommodation for Male and Female students, with fully furnished AC and Non AC (2 bed & 3 bed) rooms having attached bath, balcony and a common Dining Hall as well as Audio-Visual Lounge.

Rudraksh Academy PVT. LTD. – Boys Hostel

Rudraksh Academy PVT. LTD. – Boys Hostel



Other facilities include Medical center, Direct Telephone Booth, Wi-Fi internet, Elevator, stand-by Electrical Power back-up Generator, Provision store, Laundry and Garden with Lush green Lawns. The Hostel can accommodate 450 boys and 170 girls students separately with hospitality that can match a 3- star Hotel.

Hostel Room

Hostel Mess is equipped with modern gadgets for cooking hygienic and nutritive food and Ben marry system is used to serve warm food on the dining table.

Hotstel Mess

Sports facilities include indoor arena with provision for table-tennis, carom, chess etc and outdoor sports ground with kits for Cricket, Volley Ball etc.



Since it’s inception , BITS Edu Campus has provided the students with the state of the art cafeteria, where they get breakfast, lunch and refreshments All health oriented measures are taken hence for maintaining nutrition and also neat & clean hygiene environment RO plant is also provided to serve drinking water in cafeteria & every where on the campus.

Other Facilities

Transportation Service

Plenty of spanking buses playing to and fro to transport students & staff. This would mean approximately 500 two-wheelers have been kept off the road, leading to a small but meaningful contribution for enhancing the environment. This adds to the safety of commuters, keeping the time schedules & eliminating the hazard of traveling on the National Highway.

Stationery Stall

We @ BITS Edu Campus provide our students with the in house facility for Xerox and various stationery items. This stall is equipped with all the facilities like Binding, Laminating, Spiral Binding etc Also we provide our students with our own printed materials like drawing sheets, workshop book, journals, etc. There is also a Telephone booth here for all.

RO Plant

With view to providing hygienic clean drinking water for student, BITS Edu Campus has installed a Reverse Osmosis Plant (RO Plant).

Bank with  ATM

On Campus Canara bank branch with ATM facility for banking transactions for students and staff members available in the campus.

Safety and Securities

Every Human life is important, so we have provided safety gadgets and security guards to protect them from accidental injury, violence & mischievous acts. Therefore parents can feel relax and Every student is insured for 10 lac and Faculty with 4 lac for their life safety at premises and free from anxiety for their ward in our premises.